Life in Mumbai, India

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Here is my street photo series about life in Mumbai, India.

I was there in 2011 for my Imagesconnect project photographing students in their housing. See those here

Mumbai was just crazy, it wasn't my first time here but it was the first time I went into the industrial and recycling areas. Changing lenses on the street proved to be somewhat of a challenge, I started seeing more feet surround me while I was digging in my camera bags. When I got back up I was surrounded by all sorts of people very interested in everything I was doing. Great!

Henny Boogert, November 2011

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Student Portraits

  1. Carrier


  2. Goods Carrier

    Goods Carrier

  3. Suger!!


  4. Colorful


  5. Indian Sewing Shop

    Indian Sewing Shop

  6. Barred up

    Barred up

  7. Commuting


  8. Festive


  9. A homeless sleeper

    A homeless sleeper

  10. A station

    A station